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Q:      How do I get my order started?
A:        Simply give us a phone call or submit your Quote Request in the upper right corner of your screen. We look forward to hearing from you. We are confident in our product and proud of our customer service team, as we strive for all customers to experience The Castle Way!

Q:      What will it cost to have an Onsite Estimate or on Onsite Survey performed?
And when is it necessary?

A:        Schedule today, zero cost and hassle free. Castle Metal Buildings goes the extra mile to your property to identify: proper placement, level land, measurements and help avoid installation or warranty issues. You will receive and understand your building quote during the onsite estimate. In some cases, this may be unnecessary. This is the Castle Way, only professionally engineered buildings, hassle free and right the first time.

Q:      Are Permits Required?
A:        This varies by location, such as the county or city. It is the owner’s responsibility to check with the local permit requirements, and at times, building codes and regulations. This information is generally found on your county website, city hall or home owners association.

Q:      Are Engineered Drawings available?
What type of Drawings will I need, to approve the installation of my new building?

A:        Drawings are also known as “specs”. All Standard Size buildings included up to date Texas State Certified Generic Specs at no charge. All our buildings are engineered professionally, to code and to the highest building standards. Site Specific/Custom Specs available at additional charge. Your local building authority will determine the specs that are necessary.

Q:      What are the standard building sizes?
A:        We offer standard sizes to ensure cost efficiency to our customers, and to simplify the ordering process. These sizes are listed below. Additionally, custom and extended sizes are easily available due to our in house manufacturing.
Note- the sides of the building are known as the Length.
Standard Lengths:  20’, 25’, 30’, 35’ and 40’ – Longer sized are in 5 foot increments.
Note- the front/back "ends" of the building (frame arch size) is known as the Width.
Standard Widths:  12’, 18’, 20’, 22’ and 24’- Triple Wide: 26’, 28’ and 30’

Q:      What is the expected Turn Around & Installation Time?
A:        Turn Around time is based on the time you contact Castle Metal Buildings and place your order. On your level land, Installation Time Period is generally 2-3 weeks- the fastest time in the industry!

Q:      Does the ground need to be level?  How can I be sure that my ground is level?
What do I do if I already know that my ground is un-level?

A:        Yes, the ground site for your professionally engineered Castle Metal Building does need to be on level land. Different actions can take place to bring the land to level. If you are unsure if your land is level, please schedule your No Cost Onsite Survey- we will come to your property. If you believe that your land is level, please inform us, as we can work in the proper direction to designing your new professionally engineered building.

Q:        What about Concrete?
A:        Your property may or may not require concrete for your new building site. All land and customer needs are unique and we are happy to review the options that are best. In fact, this is a topic that will be reviewed with your customer service team member.

Q:      How is the building anchored in place?
What type of anchor do I need?

A:        There are a variety of industry anchoring options. Our website provides visuals and descriptions to all the anchor options. There is always one anchor that is best for the job, anchoring options are straight forward. Anchor options:
Mobile Home Anchors----used on land, recommended for sand and clay, additional charge.
Asphalt/ Rock Anchors---used on hard soil, solid surface (rock), asphalt, additional charge.
Concrete Anchors--------used on concrete slabs, additional charge.
Rebar Anchors-----------used only to square up building, temporary, no wind resistance value, no additional charge.

Q:      Is there an additional expense for selecting more than one color option used on my new building?
A:        No, there is not an additional charge for mixing & matching your 14 color choices. We are happy to provide color chip samples upon request.

Thank you for reviewing our questions and answer section of our customer service strategy.   If you have additional questions, concerns or topics you need clarity on, we are happy to assist you directly. Please don’t hesitate to call, we are confident in our products and proud of our customer service team. We look forward to hearing from you and creating the new building you deserve.